1 May. 2014

Oh those cats and their nine lives, you'll need more than some mysterious, world-ending illness to get rid of them. Tomorrow's page is page 2/2 on the cats, a bit about their usefulness and place in society. Which I I have to draw today, eep! Oh, my page buffer wasn't completely obliterated by this book shipping rumble (down to miserable single digits again, though) it's just these info pages that left for later for some reason. I guess I figured I'd have some time to draw in the evenings these past two weeks, but oooopsie, nope.

But now I do! I carried the final book packages to the post office yesterday, like 15 minutes before it was all shut down for the 1th of May/vappu holidays here in Finland. So today I can draw, and tomorrow I'm flying back home to Sweden and get to use my own computer again. Ahhh! Relief!

Kittehs! So soft and cuddly. ~<3 And now my kitteh came to sit right next to me, awww. No kitteh, it's not time for food yet!

Happy 1st of May, to everyone who live in places where that's celebrated!



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