6 August. 2014

Some of you were wondering what the death train's name was, and now you know: "Dalahästen" aka "The Dala horse."

Uhh, it's been a while since I changed that vote bait picture. But I've started working on a little SSSS-themed print set for the soon-ish to be happening book 1 print drive (less than 2 months away hopefully!), so I threw up the color sketches that I've done. Very rough and loose stuff, but I've achieved a range of colors that I like and composition bases that I can paint right on top of.

So I'm almost definitely going to have a postcard/miniprint set available, like I did for the A Redtail'd Dream drive. It sold really well, didn't add anything to the shipping costs, people really liked how they turned out and they were easy for me to handle. So all in all a great companion item for the book. I'm also thinking of offering a medium-sized print set (like the size of the book itself) for those who don't mind spending a little more for art that's more frameable, but I'm not completely sure yet. I guess if you guys prefer medium prints (or something else) as extra goodies just let me know in the comments, I'll take it into consideratio when I work out the budget and reward levels. :P



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