13 April. 2015

I can't remember ever drawing babies before, so I think I'm going to declare this as my first time drawing babies! The chapter is now officially over, and chapter 7 will begin next week on Tuesday! The chapter cover will go up...mmmm... this Wednesday! See you then.

By the way, the readership of SSSS has grown to the point that I'm not able to monitor the comment section during these breaks, and it tends to unravel into a mess of chat threads and comments not really related to the page at all after one day. Like last page had over 700 new comments waiting for me since Saturday, but almost all of it was just idle, random chat with very little relevance to the page. It makes reading throught the comments and moderating a real chore. And generally I love reading through the comments, but it seems like after the first day and a half the quality of comments plummets completely.

So that's why from now on there will be a time lock on the comment section that will automatically close it after two days, which means the comments hopefully won't sprawl into such a mess anymore during weekends and chapter breaks, meaning less moderation work for me. Like I said a few weeks ago: quality over quantity, okay.

But hey, you know what's a great place for non-update related chatting, general socializing, little games and just passing the time waiting for updates? THE FAN FORUM! There's a link to it on the left there *points to the left sidebar*. It has a whole bunch of fun threads to join in on, and it's run by the great regular Eich and is moderated by a bunch of your wonderful fellow readers.

(Oh, also, for all means please do keep commenting as you have otherwise, I always enjoy reading the comments and jokes and speculations you guys have the first day. It's just after that when it all usually starts becoming an unreadable mess, heh. ^_^')

*Edit* I added a tiny statistic into medic-kitty's tail-bubble. Judging form some of the comments it seemed that many readers got the impression that the Dagrenning program is something most couples in the story would seek out, when really it isn't much more common than in vito fertilization in our world today. So no, everyone isn't going to be magically immune in a couple of generations, at best it'll help raise the overall immunity level with a percent or so over the next few decades. x3



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