14 July. 2015

So spider dog not eating the human it found wasn't a completely unprecedented happenstance. And yes, that is indeed Emil's masterpiece at the bottom there.

Let's see what we've got here. The Garm is from Norse mythology, it's the big wolf-dog mix monster that guards the gates to the realm of Hel (not to be confused with Hell, even though the words do have the same proto-Germanic origin.) Eats humans, yes.

The Kyrkogrim is from Swedish folklore. It's a hostile animal spirit, usually in the form of a disturbing-looking dog or cat, that guards graveyards and attacks graverobbers. The spirit would be created by sealing an animal into the walls of the graveyard or adjacent church itself. It supposedly exists in Danish folklore too, but I couldn't find a name for it in Danish. Sooo if any Danes happen to recognize that thing and knows what it's called; let me know. :3

Finally Manalan rakki/ Hiiden hurtta (aka the Dog of Manala/Hiisi) is a manifestation of disease and illness itself in Finnish mythology, and something to banish when attempting to heal a sick person.



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