23 August 2016

The crew having a little language learning break. Aaand that's the final page of this chapter! The end of book 2, in fact. I won't start working on the physical book until sometime this winter though, gonna enjoy the freedom of no book work for a few more months. :P.

Those of you who are fulent in Icelandic, Norwegian or Danish: let me know if any words need fixing. :3

As you regulars know this means there's going to be a short chapter break now, but instead of the usual couple of weeks I'm only going to make it a ~1 week break this time. I'm still feeling really well rested mentally from my summer travels so I don't need a break from drawing, just a few days to hammer out the script for the new chapter and to draw a handful of buffer pages again.

I've got some filler material in store for tomorrow and Thursday, so do check back in for those, after that the chapter cover will go up on Monday. The chapter itself starts on Thursday next week. So...see you tomorrow for something, and next week for new regular pages!



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