2 November 2016

Super early update (it's a couple hours from being the 2nd), just finished this thing and I simply can not wait to go to bed, so I might as well post it now rather than tomorrow morning. But agh, this page! I didn't think drawing such tiny portraits would be such a laborious task. But finally it is done! The much requested family lineage chart, ranging from the prologue characters to our "current" day heroes. Lots of stuff going on, do let me know if you spot something wrong with anyone's names (the spell checker wasn't of much use here, as one could have guessed.)

And hey, middle names of the main cast! A lot of people hoped for that so here you go.

Two weeks left of the break now, but come back on Monday (the 7th) for the second filler update. See you then!

Oh, by the way, It's SSSS's 3rd anniversary too! I completely forgot about it, only remembered because of the kind well-wishes on Twitter and in the comments. Onward to a great 4th year!



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