24 Feb. 2014

Yeaaaah, so there might be monsters out there. The second rule is "don't eat poisonous berries or mushrooms, stupid!". But aw, no info about the valuable traits of the cats yet! But there's plenty of special pages like these ahead! I'll include them both in chunks at the end of each chapter (like these last three updates) and now and then as just short single or double pages between scene changes during chapters. I'm thinking of inserting a fun cat-info page sometime during chapter 1, so soon.

Today the first 100 aRTD books should finally be in the mail! They're already stamped with postage and put in official post office boxes, and I scheduled with the post office for a pick-up today. I'm so nervous! what if I've messed something up?! This is the last step of what has been a very stressful and multi-faceted process of getting the books shipped (lot's of business stuff and calling different places involved), and if the post office people don't show up for some reason I'll have to figure out how to re-date all those books for another pick-up date because the packages are only valid for sending out the date that they've been stamped for! Uuuagh, everything is so difficult and I'm so, so tired! Sometimes handling everything yourself has its downsides. But I'm sure they'll show up and this crowdfunding campaign will be a small step closer to being over.

Speaking of crowdfunding campaigns and on a less "AAUUAAGGH WOE IS ME!" note, here's a pretty neat and kinda relevant to the theme of aRTD campaign I'd like to share: a solo kantele music album. And for those who don't remember, the kantele is the instrument young Tuomi was playing in chapter 6, and an invaluable asset for Finnish mages. *wink wink?*

So guys, the prologue ends here. Its time for the first chapter cover, but I'm going to skip tomorrow's update since both Thursday's and Friday's updates were technically two pages each but posted as one. So the chapter 1 cover page/spread on Thursday! (And yaay, new comment record on the previous page! Aww, you all are so wonderful.)



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