6 March 2017

Ah, it's been a while since we've had an info page, last chapter break there was none.

And now the chapter break starts. This time: a full two weeks! The upcoming chapter is looking to be a fairly long one, so I have a ton of script to go through and make thumbnail sketches for. I seem to remember that the next few scenes were originally going to be split into two separate chapters, but then I decided that they're better as one big whole. And after looking them over again I still agree, no need to break them up. So two weeks and then we'll buckle down for many months of pages!

As usual there'll be a couple of interim updates to ease the break anguish: an extra content update this Friday(making a new support wallpaper over here~) and then the chapter cover sometime next week. The regular updates themselves will resume either next week on Friday or on Monday after that, I'll decide which one by next week. That's all, so see you on Friday!



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