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14 December 2016

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Side project update nr. 2.

I guess I'll probably make these side project updates on Wednesdays every couple of weeks or so, that seems like a decent timeframe for me to get something done that's worth sharing. This and last week I've mostly focused on getting some initial concept art going:

While I haven't produced anything worthy of showing on the programming side since last time, there's been a fair amount of progress on that front too. Most importantly: I've finally wrapped my head around how to properly use and take advantage of classes! In particular sub classes.

For some reason I had the hardest time internalising the ins and out of that concept. I followed plenty of tutorials explaining the use and importance of them, but most of the time I'd come out of it with "I don't get how to actually do anything useful with this information. Also, I forgot everything already". Until I started running into more and more structural problems with my own explorative code ventures, and I shouted to the heavens "There's got to be a better way!". Then I happened to rewatch one of the tutorials about classes and subclasses and I went "Oh. Well. That solves everything."

So yeah, still having a pretty good time learning stuff, haven't hit a wall yet. And I've drawn the comforting conclusion that any concept that I feel like I just can't understand no matter how much I try will open up to me once I encounter a problem that I can't solve without it. Because at that point I'll have a personal experience with the conundrum at hand, rather than just some hypothetical tutorial example involving customer databases or whatnot. Or cars. Whenever a programming tutorial uses cars in their examples I lose all ability to follow anything it seems.

That's all for this time! Next update will probably be sometime in January (I doubt I'll make a post between christmas and new years, I won't be at home. :P )


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