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18 January 2017

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Side project update nr. 4.

Time for another batch of concept art for the game (still unnamed, for next time I'll settle for at least a working title), this round some more proper showcasing of the setting. First up:

The planet where the story will take place. An ice covered ball with some thermal activity going on, and a one big blemish of a mountain around which most of the action on the planet is happening. The rest of it is nothing but water below the frozen surface.

A little map showing the relevant area. The western side of the old volcano is warm and sheltered enough for plant growth and settlement, the rest is a garbage as far as living goes.

Large landing station and geothermal power plant in making, on the unsettled side of the volcano.

Finally a view of the main (and only) city on the planet. An unfriendly place filled with awful people, you wouldn't want to visit the place.

That's that! I'm not sure what I'll focus on for the next update, there's so many things I want to tackle next, but I do know that I'll have to take a day or two to make this project its own dedicated blog. It's going to be such a long project, and it'll just swamp this blog with nothing but i. This blog is supposed to be for the occasional important comic announcement, travel blog posts and such, and I also want to have the process for making this game in one nice sequence without those occasional comic announcements and travel blogs in the mix. So that's something I've decided to take care of for next time.


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