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28 october 2013

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Bunch of SSSS character drawings

Oh, hey, I've been up all night working and I think I'll go to bed soon so I'm posting this update a bit earlier that usual. And I might have written weird things because my brain is going t osleep, but aaaanyway; whooo wants to see "old" character sketches and drawings for SSSS? And once again "old" is very relative in this case, they're all max two years old.

That's the first full lineup that I ever did! After that there's a gap in new drawings because I didn't have time left over for anything for a while while I was trying to graduate and draw the almost the daily aRTD pages at the same time. So the following drawings are all from the last half a year:

Yaaay, matching uniforms! (In the early drawings they all had different kinds of outfits, in different colors.) Since these drawings I've ditched the rubbery parts and replaced them with black leather where appropriate, because I remembered there's not exactly a lot of rubber to go round where and when they live. Therefore: leather!

Below we've got a little face/color study I did of the charaters not too long ago. Apparently I was still kind of struggling with braid-dude's appearance (he's the one I'vealways had the hardest time drawing) because he looks pretty different from what he's supposed to look like.

I also drew quick headshots of all the prologues characters. (They only appear in the prologue.)

And here's some sketch of something that I apparently never finished and I can't really remember drawing, but they've got their matching outfits so it's got to be pretty recent.

Hey, we're getting close to the end! I drew and showed this one last month during the print drive.

And the final picture is the one with the cute little character portraits that I drew just a couple of weeks ago during my quick trip to Finland:

No, wait, I had one more thing: I said I would post the sketch and work-in-progress-picture of the group shot pic that I showed on Friday, so here you go:

It was mostly done in Manga Studio 5, but the first messy color pass was done in Photoshop because I have a couple of rough brushes in there that I like to use when I make a color base.

That's it for today, no proof-reading pages this time

...because I really need to go to bed for a few hours now. I've got the next batch ready but I don't think I have enough brain-power left to put the right pages in the right folder or anything. Better have a larger batch tomorrow instead.

And if you're wondering what I've been working on for the last, oh, 20 hours: it's that darn main site layout! I finally got everything working the way I wanted like an hour ago, and that's why I'm going to bed at last. Darnit, I was supposed to have it finished Saturday evening, I ran into a ridiculous amount of dead ends with my code before I got everything to function. I'm way behind my schedule now, boohoo!

See you all tomorrow! And I'll start answering any emails that have come in during the weekend once I'm up from my quick sleepy-time, in case anyone is waiting for a reply for something.

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