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31 october 2013

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Last day of the countdown, eeee!

Tomorrow is finally the day that "Stand Still. Stay Silent" begins! It'll be the prologue cover page (which is still like 10% unfinished, yikes) and then on Monday I'll post a handful of pages at once to kick things of. Sooo... I wrote some "final" words about aRTD, I might as well write some "first" words about SSSS.

A new journey through the unknown

First I'd like to say: for the love of heaven, please don't expect me to create The Greatest Thing known to Mankind! A Redtail's Dream wasn't a perfect comic, and while I think I've gotten better at many things through it, SSSS will also not be a perfect comic. I think it's a very nice comic that I personally enjoy a lot, and I intend to put even more effort into than I did into aRTD (after all, I can't really play the "it's just a dream"-card if I write something weird this time) and I hope that effort will result in an overall better comic. Still: not perfect, but hopefully very enjoyable for a lot of people.

Some of you have been wondering about the mood of SSSS, and I'm going to claim it's not very different from that of aRTD. Yes, the setting is different, it has some more drama, some scarier things and a bit more action-y stuff, but in its core it's still a quite light story with an unhurried pace, a lot of friendship and a journey through the unknown. So if you enjoyed aRTD you'll probably enjoy SSSS too. And those who were put off by the fact that 50% of the main cast in aRTD was being a pretty selfish and unpleasant jerk through most of the story will be happy to know that the ratio of unpleasant characters will be much lower this time. Same goes with the issue some had with the repetitive nature of the chapters; the storyline of SSSS is more of a traditional arch with its various lows and peaks. On the other hand there's no magic or speaking animals to be seen, so I hope not too many were sticking around for those elements only. So basically some people will like the comic and others will not find it to be their cup of tea for various reasons, which is the truth for everything.

Well, I guess this was kind of a "Uh-oh, let's lower those expectations a bit"-post to ease some of the pressure on me after I've been hyping things up for a while. I'm not sure trying to lower expectations is technically the recommended thing to do the day before launching a new thing, but it feels right to me. And don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about this comic, more so than ever. And I hope you guys are (or will become) too, I just don't want you to be going into it expecting to be completely blown away right on the first page or anything. Let's all just ease into the story together. Here, have this calming drawing that I drew yesterday to round off this solemn post:

And now it's time for me to finally go finish up that prologue cover, and also flesh out the main site before I launch it, still missing the about-page and other small things.

In the meantime, more proof-reading pages again! I only put up six today since they're rather heavy on dialogue, I believe it'll be easier on you lovely volunteer typo-spotters this way.

So... tomorrow, be here. It'll be fun guys, I promise! A new adventure and new things and new everything! And SSSS will be much longer than aRTD, so you won't have to say goodbye to the new characters for many, many years this time. :3

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