1 Nov. 2013

Yessss! It has begun! With a rather non-postapocalyptic cover for the prologue of a postapocalyptic tale. On Monday I'll post a few pages at once, either three or four depending on where I feel is the best spot to cut the scene. Oof, I still have to fix some things with the first pages before that, most notably he font I'm using. It's still missing a couple of vital glyphs, has glitches in the bolded version and odd letter spacing in places. It's an easy fix, though. Also, I'm still tweaking some things with the main site, so if something weird happens now and then during the weekend it's probably just me accidentally messing things up. Oh, and if something looks buggy on someone's browser feel free to report it.

And here's today's A Redtail's Dream pages up for some quick typo-checking. Already the end of chapter 2, six more to go. We can get this done before the month is over guys, yay!

So, who wants to play a little game I'd like to call "guess where these sceneries are from" while we're waiting for Monday to arrive, hmm?


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