9 May. 2014

They'll have to continue their socializing session on the traaaain! And since a lot of people wanted the little flag cheat-sheet I'll jam it into the site over the weekend. Hm, I really need to tweak the layout a bit some day though, the sidebar is going to start looking like a mess eventually. I want to add a link to the aRTD ebook too, And I'm sure there'll be more stuff to add in the future.

For the first time in half a decade I'm in the process of switching computers, and I had completely forgotten what a terrible hassle it is! Or perhaps it wasn't much of a hassle back then, I didn't have this much stuff+programs to move over. All these darn settings I have to reset, arrgh! But blessed be the invention of Dropbox, instead of fussing around with my small USB drive that can move ~10 comic pages at once I just upload everything to my Dropbox folder over night and then copy it over to my new computer. But it's still kinda annoying, I wish I could keep working with my old computer forever and ever. But the poor thing, it's starting to have a hard time even starting, it's time to start preparing for its retirement. :<

But hey, be back on Monday, and see Lalli run!



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