18 June. 2014

A-a m-moving floor? What kind of magic is this? And what do you even call those things? Like... rollators? Nah, no, probably romething else.

My summertime trip continues today, I'm on my way to central Finland with my mom now! Yestaerday I managed to pack and ship out (with the generous help of dear mommy) the orders that came in over the weekend and a couple that were bought early enough yesterday. I'll send out the rest in a little over a week when I'm back in town, and I'll leave the store open during that time too so it's still possible to grab a copy. :P

A note to possible book wanters in the USA though: Hiveworks (that comic thing I'm part of) is in the process of opening up a collective online store for all the member comics, and you will be able to buy signed copies of "A Redtail's Dream" from over there instead. Since it's based in the US, the delivery time will be just a few days instead of a few weeks, and it's also possible that it might be a little bit cheaper. The aimed launch date is sometime late next month, so if you're on the fence of buying a copy or still saving up it might be worth waiting for that. :3 *End info*

Okay, time to pack the bag and the cat and the drawing things, then I'm ready to go. See you tomorrow from somewhere else again~



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