20 June. 2014

Wahhh, double page! Just because~ My buffer is in such good shape that I'm already inking the last two pages of this chapter, and I'm so excited about chapter 3 that I don't mind eating into the buffer a bit to get to it a little faster. About 3 weeks left until then. :3

That map... I think I'm going to make it more elaborate for the book. It'll also need a companion info page because it doesn't actually fit in with these two pages on one spread. The extra info page can be one of the book-exclusive things I guess.

Oh, and we're in the small white area labelled "outer Mora", which in our modern days would be the center of Mora. But now the big island named Sollerön is where you can't just go that easily and where most people live. Well, happy weekend everyone. And happy midsummer/Juhannus tomorrow!



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