18 Nov. 2013

Michael's plans totally won't be affected at all, it's not like he'll need to cross any international borders to get back to the Danish mainland. Or...?

Okay guys, I said I would add SSSS to the topwebcomics list this week, and I did! There should now be a voting button in the left sidebar, if you don't see it you might need to refresh the page a couple of times, maybe evn clear your browser cache if it's being stubborn. But here's also a direct voting link for today, and I put up a quick drawing that I made of two of the main cast characters for the SSSS banner on Topwebcomics. We're already so far into the month that we probably won't get very high up this time, we'll have a better shot at it next month. But thanks to everyone who bothers voting now too. :3

Aaand more proofrerading pages for aRTD . It's the final action-y part of the fourth chapter, so a good deal of the pages have either no dialogue at all or just a few words in them.


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