18 July. 2014

Eeee, chapter 3 is rolling with a double pager! I didn't quite manage to buff my page buffer up to 9 pages as I had hoped (I'm going to blame the weather, it's been so hot that I'm completely listless), but I didn't want to wait until Monday anyway. I'll just have to work harder this month! And hope that the weather cools down soon. *Checks the weather prognosis for next week and dies*

I'm glad that you all seemed to appreciate the cover for this chapter, I don't think we've broken 300 comments very often.:B Oh yeah, last update I forgot to mention that I'd finished this drawing, so here ya go:

Main Crew

Uhhh, I guess this means I should make a new vote bait thingie, huh? I'll try to remember later. Now I'll go draw more pages.



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