31 July. 2014

Today's page is just this one big panel. I was thinking of posting the whole spread and make it a double page update today, buuut I've decided to stay strict on not throwing around double updates too much for a while. The reason being that I'm planning on launching the print drive for book 1 in a little under 2 months from now, and I'm doing my best to flesh out my page buffer a bit for that. I'm sitting at 10 pages right now (some are still missing speech bubbles, though. :/) and I really hope that I'll be able to get that up to 15 pages before it's time. You know, so that I won't have to slow down the updates due to the additional work of running a crowdfunding campaign. We'll see how it goes? :3

Oh, hey, find the cat on this page? Not Lalli, he doesn't count as 100% cat.



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