25 September. 2014

Some yelling guy enters the scene. And did some say they wanted stretch goals for the print drive? Well here you go, the first ones:

Kitty is looking for treasure!

Of course there'll be more if kitty manages to waddle that far in these next 27 days. The "I'll make enough profit to keep doing this full time for another year" is still a bit of a climb after that, but kitty can do it if we really believe in him/her/it! Also, isn't it so cute?


I'm ridiculously proud of this dumb 2 frame animation, I haven't actually done any kind of hand drawn animation since...any time that I can remember. And my first attempt at this one ended up as some insane squiggling thing, looking like poor kitty was having a violent seizure or something. Then after much effort I figured out the simplest basics of drawing animation frames and managed to make it cute instead of disturbing. *Victory sign*



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