8 October. 2014

Hugs and goodbyes, engines running...gosh, they might even make it to the other side of the sea before evening.

So hey, any of you Danes out there: what do you think would be a proper profanity to replace the admiral's "goddamnit" with? I've been substituting most swears with Finnish and Swedish so far so of course I want to continue with that for the rest of the languages too, but I wouldn't know what the most suitable Danish one would be in this situation. Something relatively common, strong enough to not be silly and flowery, but not so strong that people would give someone uttering it in public disapproving glares (aaand I guess no genital euphemisms. xP) I'll replace the "goddamnit" with what you natives suggest. :3

*Edit* Thanks a ton, guys! I went with a simple "for fanden" this time, but I copied all the suggestions and the different usage explanations into a little cheat sheet for me to use later on. Awesome information from everyone!



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