22 October. 2014

No turning back now!

Huh, it's Thursday already? Wow, it's officially been a week and I still haven't finished a single page. Oh well, I'm hoping that I'll be in the clear with everything sometime next week. And the aRTD book shipping status: I've packed and sent out a bit over 70 of them since Friday, I think I'll still get another 50 out the door this week. So all the orders that have come in by yesterday should be in the mail by the weekend, then I'll continue with the rest come Monday. And now, back to draw- no, wait, I mean packing books.

*Edit* Yeeeah, so the aRTD store is temporarily closed, my postage stamping machine isn't working. It's some network issue between the postage machine-people and the Finnish post offices. They're aware of it and trying to fix things, but I have no idea when it'll be resolved and I don't want the orders to pile up on me, because uh, 20 new orders since yesterday, that means I still have 70 to send out and not 50. So yeah, I'll keep mailing these out once they get it fixed (hopefully by next week!) and then reopen the store if I still have time. This really happened at a lousy time, sorry everyone who's waiting for their book to be sent out or wanted to buy one now. :/



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