27 October. 2014

No troll dream this time! It's a nice dream...or is it? Those of you who read A Redtail's Dream (that was my previous comic) are likely to get some heavy throwbacks to a couple scenes/environments there. I see Lalli even ended up looking suspiciously like Hannu in some panels, ehehuh. ^_^'

On that subject: the postage machine issue seems to be resolved, so I'm back to sending out aRTD books. Everyone's package should be in the mail by tomorrow evening, after that I'll continue taking more orders for a while.

Aaaand I'm off to the bank again (actually different bank than last week). Totally unrelated to any of all this comic business stuff, I'm still just trying to get scary adult life things sorted. Being an adult is stupid and I don't like it. :I



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