29 October. 2014

Whoever said Lalli kinda looks like a girl, pffff?!

The "A Redtail's Dream" books that were ordered during the last couple of weeks are finally all in the mail! Estimated deliery times: in 1 week withing Finland, 1-3 weeks in Europe, 2-4 weeks outside Europe and up to 5 weeks for deliveries to Russia. If your book hasn't arrived by then let me know. :3

Also...I'm not reopening the aRTD store yet. I just...can't. Packing all these orders ate up almost all of my time of the last two weeks (I really didn't think it would take so much time!), which means I am now officially out of a page buffer. I literally don't have tomorrow's page drawn for the first time in my webcomic-drawing years. So I'm freaking out a little bit and a crazy part of my brain even wants me to chuck the remaining aRTD books into the trash just so I won't ever have to spend anymore time on them and finally only focus on SSSS. I promise I won't do that though... Also WOULD SOME BANK ANY BANK PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ALREADY!? I only want to know if I can qualify for a mortgage or not! I thought I did so good in the application interviews, they said they'd call WHY WON'T ANYONE CALL what did I do wrong?! Is this how people feel after they've been on a date and wait to hear back from the other person?

Anyway I'm fine. Everything's fine. This neat comic here is probably the most perfect description of exactly how fine everything is. But no more aRTD books until I have a buffer built up again and have my living situation for next year sorted out. o__o



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