3 November. 2014

Some of you were hoping for a monster attack, others wished to finally see braidy for the first time. Well guess what, you get both! And SSSS turned 1 year old on the 1st! I wrote a quick blog post about it on Saturday, here's the little drawing I whipped up for the occasion:

Ack, I just thought of something: could you imagine if I did this as a side hobby and updated once a week? There'd only be 50 pages by now! Which means we wouldn't even be through the prologue yet. Uuugh, this comic would be totally unreadable at that pace, and I probably wouldn't bother because it'd take me decades just to get through the first major story arch. Never mind any following story archs I'd want to draw because I'd be an old lady and dead before that!

Heh, so yeah, just a random thought I had. I know there's plenty of webcomics out there that are/were doing just fine with a one page per week (or even sparser) update speed, but mine would be absolutely terrible with how slow I like to pace things and no-one would bother reading it ever. I sure wouldn't. :I



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