6 November. 2014

Lalli had a little bit more up his sleeve than just a knife. Not that the knife was really up his sleeve, that'd be unsafe.

I'm finally going back home to Sweden again (hence the early update, got that morning flight to catch.) How long have I stayed with my parents his time? Like a month probably. Apparently that's how long it took me to find a place for me to move to next year, I got a deal confirmation on that just this Monday. Which means I'll be able to move back to Finland in a few months! No more constant travelling back-and-forth between the countries next year, eee! So much time and money shall be saved, so happy...

Oh wait, gosh, I can't be happy about that yet, I can still jinx it! There's a two-week waiting period during which my new home could technically be nixed from my grasp. If someone on the other end of the deal does that to me now they are literally the devil! I have my heart set so hard and hopes up so high on this place and documents have already been signed and and and I want it! *Crossess fingers so hard that they break and fall off*

Ah well, either way I'll be home this evening. Got a a bunch of work to take care of that I wasn't really able to do at my parents' place, I'll be relieved to get them done. See you all tomorrow. :3



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