2 January. 2015

It's a new year, eeee! And I've got my computer set up here in my old room ( aka pretty much our cat's room since I moved out), nothing seems to have died during the ride over from Sweden so I can get right back to work. *Sigh of relief*

Little info: for the next couple of months I'll be updating around 7-9 in the morning Finnish time rather than 4-5 at night Swedish time, since I really can't be going to bed at 5 and getting up around noon when I'm living with my parents. So updates will be normal while I'm staying here, just a few hours later than what they've been since summer. (Oh, and I'm suuuper behind on answering emails, but I'll try to get through those during next week. ;_;).Anyhow, see you on Monday!



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