6 Dec. 2013

"Lol, tomorrow I might not even go to work" might not be the most appreciated thing to say while you're at work. By the way, I got such a flashback to working on that prologue page of aRTD with the radio broadcast, that I just had to give the second radio dude the same. Say hi to Esko again! I had imagined the fictional village where Hannu and Ville lived (which I named Hokanniemi) to be in the same-ish part of Finland where the city of Mikkeli is located, so why not have the same radio show? And there's your aRTD cameo for those of you who were hoping for one, hah!

A lot of you were hoping to see what Michael's cat Magnus looked like, so I made a little drawing of him as a new vote bait pic for Topwebcomics. He's a-doooorable, meow! (Or not?)

And hey, coincidentally: happy independence day to any fellow finns! I've forgotten math, so I can't figure out how old Finland is as an independent nation, but like 90-something? Hm, my first independence day without my family, I guess I should go buy myself some cake and at least keep some kind of tradition alive on my own.


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