9 January. 2015

Shoot, Friday again? At least we've officially arrived at the treasure lair! And yay, this is the first morning this year that I've woke up not feeling snotty and sick! Go immune system, clearing that up for me! Except... could you take a look at my mouth next, dear immune system, because now I've got a darned inflamed wisdom tooth instead!

Actually it becamed inflamed a few days before I got sick, and it still hasn't gotten better. Which is disappointing, usually when the inflammation flares up it fixes itself within a few days. But apparently a cold will put a halt on anything else in my body healing, so... arrrgh. Stupid thing, it's driving me mad! Constant sharp, burning pain inside my cheek, radiating through my jaw! One day, I tell you, one day I'll go to the dentist and have all my wisdom teeth removed for good and they'll never get inflamed again!

...Iiiis something I've been telling myself for years and I never go. I think I'll just live with these demon teeth burrowing into my cheeks for the forseeable future. S-see you all on Monday. ;_;

*Edit* Huuuhhh, oh right, apparently it's my birthday today. Now I'm... 25? That's a good number I suppose. :I (Awwwww, thanks for the well-wishes, you're all the best! />o<\)



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