15 January. 2015

Afternoon update today, sorry everyone who needed their morning fix. I had to recolor this whole page today, as those of you who follow me on twitter already knew. My computer is a big meanie and decided to do an update reboot without any warning, which corrupted my original file for this page. Oh, the horror!

Fortunately I saved a duplicate a couple days ago meaning I still had a non-corrupted file with the lineart done, so I didn't have to start completely over, woo! An noooow I'll just have to recolor tomorrow's page too. They're both on the same document so it was a double casualty. But the silver lining is that coloring is the least annoying part for me, if the linearts were wiped out too I'd be kicking chairs and punching floors right now.

See you all tomorrow, should be the usual update time despite this misfortune. :3



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