5 February. 2015

Sigrun to the rescue! But Emil, what are you doing now?!

And hey, thanks for waiting so patiently for this page guys (or impatiently, hehe). As I said on Twitter I had to update in the afternoon today because I destroyed the color layer for this page in the morning and had to repaint it. This time it wasn't because of computer failure or any program crashing, I have no-one but myself to blame. I took a bathroom break and stupidly placed my headphones on the keyboard and the freaking delete key! So when I came back the layer was gone, and of course it had been pressing delete the whole time so there wasn't enough undo-clicks available to get it back. Guhhh, I really need to unlearn this lousy habit of placing random items on the keyboard when I get up. >_<

Oh well, see you all tomorrow with the next page!



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