11 February. 2015

Sigrun approves of Emil's use of grenades.

*Edit* Well, looks like those sold out while I slept, I'll get to packing and shipping right away. I'm sorry there's so many of you who still wanted one, I guess there's just a whole lot more people on the look for it these days, they sure didn't sell this fast last spring and summer when I first started selling them. :/ Anyway, I might print a second edition eventually (maybe change the back of the cover a bit to keep the first edition visibly special) but that'd be at least a couple of years from now. Perhaps like a 5- year anniversary edition or something?

Alright folks, I might be able to move into my new home next week or the week after that, so I'm going to go ahead and >sell the last copies of A Redtail's Dream that I've got left, over here. Basically I want to be able to focus 100% on finishing the SSSS book once I've moved so I figured I'd get this over with while I'm still at my parents' place. That's about 50 copies that are available now. (After this I have some boxes of slightly damaged/worn books remaining, but if I sell any of those it'll be way, way later once I have the time, possibly after the SSSS books are printed and shipped.)

That's all for today, see you guys tomorrow! ^_^



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