26 March. 2015

Everyone is in a bad mood, Mikkel isn't optimistic at all and Reynir is...sad? Tragic stuff.

BTW, I've noticed a recent habit of a lot of people leaving a ton of comments commenting on nothing but the amount of comments themself, and I'll have to ask you guys to pleeease not do that. Especially during the after-update surge there's sometimes dozens of comments like "hey, this is comment number x already", "hey, there's x new comments since my last comment" and "hey, let's see if we can get today's comment count up to x!". They really just make reading through the comments a chore, and I do like reading through them during my breaks, maybe even answer a question or two now and then.

So keep having fun chatting, but try to lean on the side of quality over quantity. If you feel the urge to throw in a comment commenting on the amount of comments just take a deep breath, drink some juice, resist the urge and move on. You can do it! See you tomorrow everyone~



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