19 Dec. 2013

Eino and Tuuli have been prepared for the end of the world/the Russians attacking/ needing to hide from the tax man for a good while now. I believe they're pleased to finally have an excuse to use their food reserves.

And ooh, hey, look what I bought myself as a christmas slash "I finally got the prep work on the aRTD book done" -present:

Best gift ever, thank you me! I've abstained from playing videogames since my first year of university to get as much work done as possible, now I'm finally going to reward myself a little bit for the next couple of weeks.

Ooof, I feel like I haven't even touched a gaming device in forever! My last handheld was a Gameboy Advanced (with Pokemon Sapphire) so I've completely missed the switch from "Gameboy" to "Nintendo DS" (what the heck does DS even stand for? Bah!) And I've been wanting to play the new pokemon games so bad! These last couple of months it's seemed like every other person's been going "got my drawings done for this week, gunna play me some pokeyman X/Y the whole weekend buh-bye!" I want to play too! And now I can, eee!

But I won't start before I head back to Finland for christmas, still got to work work work until the end of the week. All I've done so far was to roam around the starting town a tiny bit to check that the game wasn't broken and that I didn't hate the new graphics. And I didn't, all good so far, as long as it's a top down view I'll be happy. But boy do I hope they haven't changed too much from the Gameboy Pokemon days, change scares me so. o_o'


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