11 May. 2015

We might get to see some actual beast eyes this chapter, yes.

So hey, the yearly Comicmix webcomic tournament ended last Friday, and you guys took SSSS all the way to the finals, I'm touched! This year I decided to take a back seat and not ask for votes in in my author comments, because, well... I guess SSSS has become at least a medium-big kid in the webcomic world (it's pretty much tripled in size from a year back) and I figured I'd do what the other bog-ish kids do and leave more space to those creators who are where I was a year or two ago and are way hungrier for a win. So this time I just left it up to those of you who like to hang out in the comments, and you still took us all the way to the semi-finals! I'm honeored! The other finalist this year was Shotgun Shuffle, a humor comic which some of you expressed really enjoying. (It was a very tight neck-to-neck race all the way and there's no word on which comic ended up on top yet, and it doesn't matter. It was a fun competition.)

In other news: the fan forum has a new pretty layout that matches the main site! All thanks to the bunch of lovely and incredible readers who handle the forum, I have no credit to take in the wonderful management of it.



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