23 Dec. 2013

I'm at my parent's (and cat's) place now, yaay! And I almost wasn't able to update because I forgot that I hadn't put my new FTP server info on my tablet (I only had the one for aRTD) but thankfully I had kept the login info mail in my email. And then it took like a dozen times of "login failed" and me going "what am I doing wroooong?!" until I managed to make it work. Phew! So here you go guys! And info about the updating schedule is below this little christmas card for you:

Eee, main cast! Gingerbreads make everyone happy! (Except most of them aren't smiling, hrrmh). So, the updates: the break will be tomorrow and on Thursday, which means we'll continue on with normal updates on Friday. I was initially thinking of maybe taking the whole week until newyears off, since from my experience with aRTD taught me that the Internet is pretty much dead this week (plus I'm not really able to work on the comic pages on my tablet). But meh, no. I'll be keeping short (but longer than just a couple of days) breaks between chapters anyway, it's better to get through the prologue without major gaps and instead make up for lost pages during the inter-chapter breaks.

So see you folks on Friday, those of you who can make it! Now it's time for me to go cuddle with my kitteh and eat a proper breakfast. And tomorrrow I'm going to eat so much fish during out family dinner! Fish, fish, fish, everywhere in our fridge, mmm. Traditionally the christmas dinner highlight in both Finland and Sweden (I think other Nordic countries too, possibly?) is a Christmas ham, but no one in our family really likes ham so we quit even buying one years ago. Instead it's glorious fishies (yum!) all over the table, plus some traditional Finnish laatikko-dishes on the side (yuk!).

Hmm, now I'm wondering...those of you who do eat some kind of special meal for christmas/some other holiday this time of the year: what's the star dish on your table?


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