1 June. 2015

Bye Reynir, see you later, Lalli and Onni are going to talk a little just the two of them now. Oh, I guess you being there hadn't really stopped them from doing that so far, but still.

Wow, it's June? When did summer suddenly happen? Serioulsy. I didn't have time to really go outside last week, and then this weekend I attended my cousin's graduation get-together (yay, family meeting. I have really nice relatives, I do like seeing almost all in one place from time to time) and everything outside is freaking green all of a sudden. And warm. And oh no, mosquitoes. Definitely summer.

(Ps. If the panel layout of this page looks a little wobbly it's because they page is actually the bottom part that goes below yesterday's page on a book spread, but I rearranged it into a vertical page for the web.)



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