26 June. 2015

Aaaaa it's that kitty with the heart pattern that most of you probably recognize! Last main cast member introduced, kinda?

So hey, I know some of you have been worried about me this week with the updates coming up way past midnight, but really there's no need for concern. I just spent last weekend working on nothing but the remaining rewards from the print drive both Saturday and Sunday, when I usually only work Saturdays on print drive stuff and Sundays on the comic. (Basically since each page takes me about 1 day + 3 hours to draw I have to finish the first page of the week on Sunday or the last one will creep into Saturday morning like today.)

Anyway, there's only a couple of weeks left of this chapter so I'm just going to power through. Then I'll have a nice long chapter break to really focus on getting everything perfectly ready for when the books arrive. So no need to worry, my updating times might just be a bit weird until... well until everything with the book is eventually over I guess. :P



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