15 July. 2015

Little kitty is awake and well enough to eat her tuna! And that is officially the start of this chapter break, which is going to be...

...Three weeks! Just a normal length. A long while ago I did mention that I might make this a mega-break with an extra month since the SSSS books are scheduled to arrive in just a couple weeks, so I'd have the full month to do nothing but mail out backer rewards. But honestly my soul would evaporate if I didn't get to work on the comic at all for over a month straight!

So that's why I've instead decided to do this usual short chapter break to rest up, and then update the comic 3-4 times a week until I've sent out all the books. That might make the whole process a little less stressful all around.

Anyway, check back in next week for the chapter cover! And I'm going to upload the first page of the chapter during the second break week as a waiting bandage. And I'll probably post a couple blog posts, certainly I'll at least have to do one to show off the books when they're here.

Other than that... go hang out in the wonderful fan forum to ease the waiting! *Points to the left* See you all next week sometime!



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