3 Sept. 2015

It might seem like Tuuri is over-reacting a little, and that is because... she totally is. She's a very emotional person! On top of that she's not the most qualified person to handle Lalli (who can be very difficult when he's in a "mood"), Onni is the one for that job. :S

So hey, I saw that the fan forum (<-link in the sidebar on the left there) turned one year old two days ago! That's awesome, and I want to once again say how much I appreciate those of you who keep the forum running as smoothly as it does, and of course a special thanks to Eich for creating the fan forum in the first place. I wouldn't have had the time to make one myself, much less moderate or handle it after that. So yeah, it's been a really nice to see you all have a place to hang out and discuss/post stuff that would get buried in the comments otherwise. ^_^

Aaand last thing for today: almost 300 more books are packed up and ready to be picked up by the post office later today! Which means close to 900 books will be on their way as of this afternoon, "only" a little over 800 left. :3



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