11 Sept. 2015

See, you were worried they'd give Lalli absolute hell about his mistake, and they didn't. But Lalli knows he did bad and will run away to...something.

Those of you who follow my twitter already know, but now another 200 books are in the mail, only 600 left. From now on I'll get a lot slower at sending them out, though, because practically all of them need a little kitty drawing. I'm aiming for 100 a week done going forward, we'll see if that'll be doable. Either way I'd dare to say that workload-wise I'm not about halfway done with shipping out these backer rewards, and that feels really good.

See you all next week for the rest of this flashback, and then we'll see some of Onni too. ^_^

PS: Bowl content is pea soup. Most disgusting common Nordic food there is as far as I'm concerned. (I think my younger brother actually vomited once when we had it for lunch in primary school. It already looks like vomit anyway, so...)



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