7 Jan. 2014

Rememeber that one speed painting color test thing that I put up as a vote bait a while back? I had made two more alternative tests and I said I'd post them all once we got to this part in the comic, so here you go:

speed paintings to test the color mood in this act

I usually don't do these kinds of color tests for the comic (I mess around and test colors directly on the pages), but I was really stuck trying to figure out the mood for this act. I figured a few quickie paintings might push the cogs into motion and help me decide on the colors. And, eeeeh... kind of looks like the colors ended up as a mix of all three. That really wasn't my intention, I was going to use the topmost color scheme, but gradually I shifted away from the overly cool tone and started adding a bunch of turquoise and orange into the mix. :P

Well well, see you guys on Thursday with the next page. The owner of the mystery hand will be revealed! (Spoiler alert: It's grandpa.)


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