13 October. 2015

Yay, page.

So it's been a rough day and I'm having some computer problems again. The main computer has finally retired for good and the backup computer does no longer recognize my cintiq as a monitor so it's useless for anything but videogames (I can see the cursor moving on the secondary monitor but the cintiq screen itself isn't detected, it just says "no input" and goes to sleep) After troubleshooting all day I can only hope that the issue is the graphics card which can at least be switch out.

For now I'm drawing on my portable Wacom tablet (colored this page on it). It's a little awkward and slightly buggy with the pressure sensitivity, but does the work. And if it turns out I'd have to buy yet another computer/cintiq I might just move on from stationary computers for good and get comfortable with using tablets instead. It's going to feel less awkward the more I use it anyway, and it runs all the programs I need just fine so why not. Stupid bulky computers that don't even work.



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