7 January 2016

Well, she tried. Stupid Lalli, not leaving with the other warriors earlier.

Kind of a cold snap going on right now, huh? After the unseasonably warm winter so far it's suddenly -30C outside. Paradoxically I mostly notice it through it being too hot inside due to the heaters going berserk trying to combat the cold seeping in from the walls. Silly heaters. But I like that, I kinda prefer being a bit too warm over being chilly when I'm working. It's good that my home is so small, it's really just one room and a small hallway that I live in, so it gets warmed up really effectively no matter what's going on outside.

So what about you guys? Do you prefer to be a little bit too warm inside your home or would you rather need to wear slippers to prevent the toesies from getting chilly?



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