14 January 2016

He just wants to call his sister, that can't be too much to ask of the world. (Heh, Photoshop's spell checker really wanted me to change "Hotakainen" to "Infotainment". Nope, not this time.)

SO server problems! My host literally just shut down the website for a few hours this morning because there was "too much traffic." Looks like I'm at the limit of my current hosting package capacity and I didn't have a clue, oh dear. The site's back now but obviously we don't want it to be shut down every time there's a few more readers dropping in to read stuff, now do we.

The good news is that SSSS is a member of Hiveworks (link there in the left sidebar!), and a perk about being part of Hiveworks is that they've offered me free unlimited hosting, so it won't matter how much the comic grows in the future. And they pretty much immediately set up a space for SSSS this morning when the site went down, and a copy of the whole thing has now been emergency-uploaded there. So... switching servers coming up soon I guess.

Actually Hiveworks offered to host SSSS ages ago when I first joined, but since I hadn't had any issues with my host before so I declined for the time being. But obviously I never want to worry about my website being suspended due to traffic spikes again , that's exactly when you most need everything working since it means potential new readers. Bah humbug! Time to move on to new places. (And AGGGH 5 hours of potential sleep wasted today on this nonsense! Tomorrows page shall be an afternooner. Grumbles.)

*Edit* Alrighty, just got the word that my (old?) host has redirected the domain sssscomis.com to the servers over at Hiveworks and that'll go into effect withing the hour, so if anything silly happens again it's probably just brief redirection pains. Now I'm going to bed.



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