18 January 2016

These two are going to get along great. And yup, I'm updating kinda early today, it's been a long day so I might just go to bed at a semi-human time for once.

I actually attended to the very first wedding I've ever been to today. It was... my grandpa's wedding, heh. So no, not a fancy big party with wedding dresses and huge banquet halls filled with flowers or dancing. Just a sweet short ceremony added to the Sunday sermon at grandpa's new wife's (my stepgrandmother's?) church, and then a little meal + some cake in the church's cafeteria for close friends and relatives on both sides. It was nice.

And especially nice that grandpa found someone, it's been almost 2 years since grandma died (feels like yesterday though >_<) while he's still only in his 60's and definitely needed to not end up being alone for the rest of his life. Plus stepgrandmother seems like a super terrific and sweet old lady so things worked out pretty well there.

So that was my weekend, pleasant little life stuff happening. But this weather! It's back to the stupid -30c again and the high air pressure is giving me some crazy migranes over here! Also ears getting locked every ten minutes and the only way I'm able to pop them is by taking a gulp of water, which means I need to go to the bathroom constantly, pff. Yeah, thanks weather for making me waste time on peeing way too much!



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