17 Jan. 2014

And so we're leaping right trough the end of the world and I chose not to show any of the "exciting" bits. Except..uh...dead dog everyone! Now use your imagination for the rest.

Of course I wasn't going to reveal any more about the fate of the world than I need to yet, since one major theme of the story is uncovering the mysteries of what went on during this time. So as we progress you'll eventually find out more about what's happened, piece by piece, but for now you'll get to enjoy not knowing very much at all! And isn't that fun?

By the way, in case anyone is curious, this is what the two pages look like together:

It'll look pretty cool once it's printed in book form methinks!

Bye 'til Monday! Then you'll get to meet our final prologue character, the guy with the pretty chin length red hair. Oh, I guess that pretty much describes Aksel... I mean the guy with the pretty and wavy chin length red hair. :3


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