15 February 2016

The perimeter has been breached! Run, Lalli! Or wake up, maybe? We'll see.

So today I decided to be adventurous and try eating a little bit of honey for the first time in my life. Everyone always makes such a huge deal about how delicious and wonderful it is and it looks pretty cool in the jar, surely I was missing out on something great! Well here's my culinary review. First of all: it tastes disgusting! Second of all: I ate less than half a teaspoon of the goo, yet I strongly believe it made me gravely ill and I'm now dying. (Fine, not exactly, but I have had a tummy ache the whole day and I'm going to blame the honey for it. Gross stuff.)

Still looks cool in the jar though. I might just buy an even prettier jar of honey just to keep unopened in my cupboard forever.



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