18 March 2016

Sorry guys, this week is going to end with both Sigrun and Emil in peril. Enjoy the weekend!

So for the past few months a lot of people have been asking about when the SSSS book will be back in stock, and I've been working on the second printing since mid-January but haven't had a decent estimate on when it might become available. This week, however, I got word that the printers had them all finished up (man, that was fast, I sent them the fixed files last month) and I managed to organize the freight for today. So now four fresh pallets of SSSS books are finally on their way to the USA!

As for when the books will be available for sale... maybe sometime next month? The freight itself should take less than two weeks, but the shipment will certainly be stuck in customs for a little while, and once the books arrive at the warehouse they need to be invertoried and all that fun stuff. But relatively soon they'll be in stock again. :3



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