24 March 2016

Learn to be more effective at combat, Mikkel! Throwing rocks at a threat is literally caveman-levels of proficiency.

Ahah, so, I said I'd take this Friday off for Easter and only post four pages this week, but as it turns out I've been mentally behind one day this whole week and I accidentally posted what I thought was Monday's page on Tuesday. Whoopsie. That's why the dates on the last few pages don't really match up. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have noticed my initial day confusion at all if it wasn't for my mom coming to stay with me this week. So since I've already accidentally taken a day off on Monday I'll make a page tomorrow anyway, that way we'll have our promised four pages for the week. ;P

Pff, working from home, am I right? You can just keep going on as usual without even knowing what day it is. x3



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